The training includes the best of Montessori and also Jean Piaget, Child Centre Education, Activity Based Learning, Multiple Intelligence.


NCE has produced research based modern scientific curriculum and has also developed strong School Support Programme (SSP).


Effective and research-based written syllabus influences student’s motivation, performance, and perception of the teachers.


We are an established educational research and development organization under the name, New Century Education (NCE). The organization is engaged in provision of services to education and development sector for the last 15 years.

NCE is Pakistan’s leader in education research, curriculum development, literacy, and teachers’ trainings. We have offices and dedicated representatives in all big cities of Pakistan with our head office in Karachi.

NCE provides a research based, high quality curriculum including textbooks, literacy books, teacher’s guides, support materials, assessment papers and effective teachers training courses. We also provide high-tech School Support Packages for schools to improve the quality of education in their environments. For the first time in Pakistan, NCE is conducting Parents Awareness Workshops that enable them to help their children in their education and development.